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Your Real Estate Data. Unlocked.

Our AI assesses commercial real estate data in real-time. So investments can be made faster, and better.

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Instant Data Insights

Our AI curates real estate data in real time and gives actionable insights on demand.

Connect Data

Our AI connects and harmonises all of your disparate data into one curated source with actionable insights. 

Evaluate Opportunities

Assess real estate opportunities using the power of AI and expedite investment decisions from months to days.

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With our AI, institutional real estate investors  - from publicly traded REITs to insurance and private equity funds - can make data-driven decisions when buying, selling or repurposing assets, and generate Alpha faster than ever before. 

We use advanced natural language processing technology to harmonise disparate data that could not be used previously and our deep learning algorithms learn and replicate your best investment decisions and help you extract untapped value for every investment.



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