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Honest AI, secures funding from InnovateUK for next stage growth

LONDON, June 11, 2021 -- Real Estate tech start-up, Honest AI, secures funding for next stage growth, after selection for PiLabs ninth accelerator cohort.

Honest AI, the real estate data intelligence platform, has been awarded the Innovate UK Award, a grant funded by the government to support true innovation within the tech sector. The company now plans ambitious growth following the grant to fund new research and development.

Launched and incubated through the pandemic, Honest AI was formed to solve disparate data issues within the real estate investment cycle. The firm’s advanced technology identifies untapped value in real estate data within organisations and reduces friction in the real estate investment analysis and research. The company, founded by Dimitrios Konstantinidis and Dr Marios Tsatsos, is currently in a fast-tracked growth programme as part of the PiLabs venture capital technology accelerator.

“We are pleased and proud to have this recognition of the quality of our technology, as well as for the vision we have for solving one of the biggest challenges in real estate. We have found real-time data to be an elusive challenge to investment managers - so we employ the brightest minds in tech to carry out leading-edge R&D work focused on this. With this funding, we are now looking to grow our engineering team in the UK and further develop our product”

Said Dimitrios Konstantinidis, CEO of Honest AI.

Upcoming feature updates will provide customers with the ability to connect Honest AI’s built-in cognitive search technology to search across publicly available data such as planning applications, transactional data and more, and to gain insight into market performance factors, submarket trends, risk factors, and more.

Find out more about our team and our real estate data intelligence technology here.

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